Meet the Owner - Rosalie Foti

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Hi my name is Rosalie Orlando Foti.

I am the co-owner of EnVogue Salon.I am a graduate of Gloucester High School and also a graduate of the North Shore Vocational Tech High School.

I studied cosmetology at the vocational school under the instructions of Ms. Castro and Mrs. Brown both who were an important part of my career.

I specialize in cutting, color, high lighting and perms I especially enjoy coloring hair. It is one of my passions. I also am a business owner who takes great pride in my salon and staff.

My personal style I would say is pretty conservative in the sense that I customize a person’s hair to their looks. I do enjoy sometimes going out of the box which I find inspiring and fulfilling as a stylist. My customers are your average working people from the ages of 25 and up which then I would say my style is professional. Let’s put it this way, I believe everyone should look good so I give them the look that they look best in.

My favorite thing about my job is that it is very fulfilling. I get to make a person feel good about themselves on a daily basis and nothing can be better than that.

I grew up right here is Gloucester and live here now with my husband and daughter. My daughter is a beautiful outgoing 11 year old with her own sense of style. My husband is a great dad and a wonderful support system.

I am a shopper always looking for a deal. Say the word “sale” or “clearance” and I am there. I also enjoy the beach. Most of my free time is spent enjoying my family and friends. 

The things in my life that show who I am is my family, friends , profession, my business, my home, and anything else that inspires me to be who I am. I am a proud person who appreciates all that she has thanks to hard work, knowledge and my faith. As life goes on, I feel that there is a lot more out there that can inspire me and just add to the person I am.

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